At the end of 2019, Amsur realized its responsibility in protecting public health after the Covid 19 pandemic first broke out in Wuhan. With the message “Your health is our mission”, Amsur encroached on the field of manufacturing medical protective equipment with the desire to produce medical gloves and masks with outstanding quality to serve. customers as well as protect the surrounding community.

With the focus on customers, Amsur is always careful and meticulous in every detail, from product research, raw material selection, closed production process to product inspection so that it can be delivered to customers. customers the most perfect products.

With the help of 3,000 employees, Amsur continues to produce and deliver high quality products in line with the company’s business orientation. Not content with what it has, Amsur aims to become one of the leading corporations by 2030. Accordingly, the company continues to expand its business scope and seek opportunities in various fields. similar and related


Become a leading symbol of trust and one of the leading multi-industry corporations in the field of medical protective equipment


Amsur is committed to providing customers with top quality products with its responsibility towards society.
Be a solid wall for partners
Core Values
Talent: We believe that human resources are the ones who bring real value to our business. With the goal of creating a healthy environment, where every individual in the company can promote their full potential, freely create and receive results worthy of their efforts, we I appreciate and invite qualified and ethical talents to accompany Amsur to work together towards a common goal, towards a good future where no one is left behind.

Customers: At Amsur, customers are always prioritized and put first, this is also one of the core values ​​that we have set forth from the very first day of our establishment. With the motto “Your health is our mission”, Amsur is always committed to bringing customers the best products with outstanding quality in the market. All products, policies and regulations of Amsur have only one purpose, which is to bring satisfaction to its customers.

Responsibility: Aware of its responsibility to the company and responsibility to society, Amsur always strives to bring positive values. For its business, Amsur always follows the motto “No one is left behind”, committed to providing a healthy, creative environment where everyone can build and grow together. In addition, Amsur is also committed to sustainable economic development, thereby contributing a small part to the development of the country’s economy, creating a buzz in the world market.

Together: Amsur always upholds the cooperation between people and people, business with business. Cooperation is the premise for development, so we always look forward to sincere cooperation. We believe that with strategic cooperation, we will create a solid organization, an organization where all partners can go up and develop together, thereby bringing practical values ​​to customers. society.

Quality: With all its enthusiasm, Amsur is committed to providing customers with products with the most perfect quality, fully meeting the standards from product research, raw material selection, manufacturing process. closed production process to customer service. All Amsur products meet the standards of competent departments and agencies such as ISO, FDA, ASTM, …