Operating in the medical field, Amsur puts social responsibility to the community first, so our company always adheres to strict processes and standards from product research, to selecting raw materials and closed production process to be able to meet the regulations of the competent authorities as well as the expectations from the customers. Besides, Amsur also meets the standards of certificates issued by the Ministry of Health as well as internationally recognized such as ISO, CE, FDA.

With the trust of customers, Amsur is proud to accompany more than 500 customers from more than 20 territories around the world. To meet the trust of customers, Amsur has rented more factories and installed more production lines with an output of up to 600,000 boxes of masks per year. Besides, the governments of countries are currently lacking medical products to serve the vaccination against Covid 19, leading to the interruption of vaccination. Therefore, Amsur signed with factories that supply medical needles with qualified standards and certificates to be able to solve this problem quickly and urgently, preventing the Covid 19 pandemic from continuing to spread and Infectious. Not content with existing achievements, Amsur aims to become the world’s leading supplier of medical protective equipment by 2030.

The products Amsur is currently providing and will provide in the near future

FFP2 Respiratory Mask

Medical Face Mask 4ply

Powder-free Nitrile Gloves
Powder-free latex gloves
Vinyl Gloves
Syringe and needle/no needle

Nitrile Glove